What advancements in sublimatable substrates have been made in the last five years?

The domestic and international markets for sublimation have grown exceptionally. The positive qualities and benefits of substrates have also increased a great deal. Hard substrates have dramatically improved in fade resistance and archival qualities as well as the scratch and abrasion resistance of the surfaces.

There is a higher standard for the quality of every substrate. More ink and printer companies are working on specializing their products to fit hard-surface sublimation, which enables decorators to expand and grow their businesses.

We’ve been able to do more with new products as hard surfaces have gained popularity, and have been able to share new substrates such as natural wood. Overall, the market for sublimation has grown incredibly in the last five years and continues to grow daily.

-Peggy Waters, Unisub

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Peggy Waters

Glantz Sign Supplies

Peggy Waters is a marketing professional with over 20 years of experience, eight of which are in dye-sublimation. Currently, she's the senior marketing manager for Glantz Sign Supplies. Before joining Glantz, she was the senior communications manager for Universal Woods for almost nine years.

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