What advancements in sandcarving equipment has the industry seen in the last five years?

Sandcarving equipment designed for this industry is much cleaner now, designed with reverse suction, which keeps the media inside the cabinet. This also makes it more efficient because they’re equipped with automatic filter cleaning, pneumatic reverse pulse filter cleaning, vibrator dust cleaning, and blow-off guns for part cleaning inside the cabinet.

Another improvement in efficiency: today’s sandcarving equipment has high velocity work ports for easily passing parts into and out of the cabinet. This is especially a good thing for high production.

Comfort wise, they are designed to be ergonomic, adjustable for sitting or standing operation, which make it easier for users to operate.

Visibility has improved as a result of LED lighting, which makes it brighter inside the cabinet. Some cabinets also include LED inspection lighting.

-Peter Norman, IKONICS Imaging

Peter Norman

Peter Norman

Peter Norman is the director of sales for IKONICS Imaging. He has been with IKONICS Corporation for 19 years, and currently manages IKONICS Imaging domestic and export sales.

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