Team Wrapsesh Shares its 2021 WRAPSCON Adventure

Highlights from the trip: Friendship and getting to spend time with supporters, sponsors, and fellow wrap installers

In June, Team Wrapsesh, comprised of Jessica “Vinyl Vixen” Bonifacio and Michael “Slim Sheddy” Shed, attended the 2021 WRAPSCON event in Indianapolis, Indiana. To commemorate their return to the event for wrappers, by wrappers, Bonifacio and Shed took us along on their WRAPSCON experience.

Having attended WRAPSCON every year since 2016, the team was more excited than ever to get back to in-person industry events after last year’s cancellation due to COVID-19.

According to Bonifacio, prepping for this year’s event was a bit different than in years past. She tells GRAPHICS PRO, “For many of us, it was our first trade show to attend since the 2020 COVID shut down. We still had our live wrap demos planned with Mutoh, although they were in control of that this year. So we really just had to get our shop in order to run while we were gone with our employees.”

She and Shed were most excited to reconnect with their “wrap fam,” after close to a year and a half since they’d seen their supporters, sponsors, and fellow installers.

“We love spending time with these people and have made long-lasting bonds with them,” says Bonifacio. “Usually, we get to see everyone two to three times a year, so it was long overdue!”

She notes the camaraderie and relationship building that happens after the show — at dinners and touring the city together. She makes special mention of the tiki party hosted by IBOW — an event that brings people of the wrap industry together in a casual setting.

“It is fun to let loose with our friends and other people in our industry in a less-than-professional setting, outside of the show,” she adds. “Really build our relationships and memories with our wrap fam.”

As for next year’s event, happening June 2-4, 2022, Bonifacio has a word for wrappers who have never attended WRAPSCON: “I always highly recommend to fellow installers and shops. It is the only trade show we attend on an annual basis, other than SEMA. I always promote WRAPSCON because it is concentrated wrap industry people.  You can meet great contacts, learn about new products, participate in the wrapping competition, and learn a lot in the seminars.”


Alexandria Bruce

Allee Bruce is the managing editor of GRAPHICS PRO and WRAPS magazines.

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