Uses for a Waterjet Cutter

While laser cutters are great for cutting soft materials like plastic and marking on metal, sometimes going that extra mile requires cutting a unique shape out of a more rigid material.

This is where the waterjet comes in. Waterjets use a high-pressure stream of water and a sand-like abrasive material to cut through almost anything, including but not limited to glass, aluminum, steel, and brass. This process allows users to create custom plaques, unique blanks, one-of-a-kind personalization, and more. Why customize the same off-the-shelf parts when you can make unique, one-off creations?

Traditionally, waterjet machines have been room-sized and expensive, but there are also desktop sizes available. Using these machines, you can cut through aluminum up to .5″ thick, blocks of glass nearly .6″ thick, and more. We’ve seen an incredible range of awards and trophy customers creating unique products with these desktop machines.

Watch as this piece of yellow glass is waterjet cut.


Daniel Sommer

Daniel Sommer


Daniel Sommer is the manager of sales special projects at WAZER, a waterjet cutter developer and manufacturer.

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