Try This: Sublimated Textured Metal Photo Panels

Make sure you have the right materials and follow these sublimation steps

ChromaLuxe, a manufacturer of sublimatable metal photo panels, recently added a new textured option. Contrasting the typically ultra-smooth surface of its metal photo panels, the new textured finish provides a unique tactile feel for photographers and artists wanting to offer their customers more variety. These panels are perfect for desktop and wall art applications and come in various sizes ranging from 5″ X 7″ to 40″ X 60″.

photo panel sublimation

The textured metal photo panels can be decorated using a standard sublimation printer and flat heat press.

Materials list:

  • Digital template
  • Printed transfer
  • Blank metal panel
  • Heat tape
  • Heat gloves
  • Protective paper
  • Flat heat press

Application steps:

  1. Download a digital product template and use it to create your artwork
  2. Print the transfer
  3. Cover the bottom table of the heat press with a blank protective sheet of paper
  4. Secure transfer to the metal panel using heat tape
  5. Place panel face-up (attached transfer face-down) on the protective paper, cover with another sheet of protective paper, and press for 1-2 minutes depending on metal size at 400 F with medium pressure
  6. Carefully remove the metal from the press, remove the transfer, and let cool
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David Gross

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