Try This: Laser Engraving a Trinket Box

Learn how to turn a simple box into a meaningful, cherished custom gift with laser engraving

In this step-by-step Try This tutorial, you’ll learn how to turn a simple medal/coin box into a meaningful, cherished custom gift.

We’re using the GBX22 box, but there are many sizes and styles of gift boxes that can offer the same result. We love this idea of lasering Grandpa’s own handwriting to decorate the lid of a box for each grandchild and placing small mementos inside. This box has a rosewood finish, and you can achieve beautiful contrast by paint-filling the lasered area.

Supplies needed for the trinket box:

  • Blank box
  • Laser machine
  • LazerDark Clear (or similar item to seal lasered area)
  • Color-fill of choice

Step 1: Scan the handwriting into the computer so it can be vectorized (Fig. 1).

laser engraving trinket box
Fig. 1

Step 2: Mask the box with medium tack masking tape to laser through.

Step 3: Laser through the tape and the top layer of the rosewood (Fig. 2). If you see any shiny finish, you have not gone deep enough with the laser and need to make another pass.

laser engraving trinket box
Fig. 2

Step 4: Once complete, spray on a coat of LazerDark Clear to seal the lasered area and allow it to dry for a few minutes.

Step 5: Apply your color of choice (Fig. 3), then add another coat of clear to seal.

laser engraving trinket box
Fig. 3

Step 6: Use a hairdryer or allow it to air dry before peeling off the mask and weeding the artwork. The finished box becomes an instant memorial to memories of Grandpa that is sure to be treasured.

Cheryl Loban

Cheryl Loban

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