Try This: Laser-Cut Cake Topper in 3 Simple Steps

Follow these steps to create a custom laser-cut cake topper in minutes

Laser machine owners receive custom order requests regularly. Creating unique, one-of-a-kind products on the fly can be a daunting task, especially for those new to lasers. If a customer needs that custom flare for a special event or birthday, follow the steps below to create a custom laser-cut cake topper in minutes. Easily apply these principles to any custom order.

Needed materials:

  • laser cut cake topperSheet of 1/8″ thick acrylic
  • Cake topper image file

Step 1: Search for a design

laser cut cake topper

  • Using Google, search “happy birthday cake topper black and white”
  • Scroll through the image options and select the one you like
  • Copy the image
  • Paste the image into LightBurn (or other design software)

Step 2: Prep file for laser

  • In LightBurn, select “Alt” + “T” to trace the image
  • Separate the new image from the original
  • Delete the original file from LightBurn
  • Using LightBurn’s toolbar, resize the newly traced cake topper file
    • The recommended size is 5″ H X 4″ W
  • Select speed and power settings
    • AP Lazer recommends .75 speed and 100% power for 1/8″ thick acrylic

laser cut acrylic cake topper

Note: Machine speed and power settings may vary. Reference laser manufacturer speed and power settings database

Step 3: Laser-cut the acrylic

  • Place acrylic sheet in the laser machine bed
  • Send cake topper file to the laser from design software
  • Focus the laser head to the acrylic using the machine’s focus tool
  • Select “origin” to set origin point and “frame” to outline the file size
    • Selecting frame ensures the file will fit within the desired material
  • Shut the lid & push start

Total run time: Two minutes
Total prep and run time: Six minutes

And there you have it — a piece-of-cake project.

Ashton Stephens

Ashton Stephens

AP Lazer

Ashton Stephens has been working within the laser industry for over six years. Currently, the marketing manager at AP Lazer, Ashton focuses on educating small businesses about laser technology and how it could enhance performance and output. She is also the co-owner of Lasers Plus LLC with her husband, Josh. Their company offers laser training, laser technical support, and production services.

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