Top 5 Challenges for Web-to-Print Sign Printing Businesses

With increasing customer expectations, let's address challenges sign printing businesses face online

Sign printing businesses have numerous applications from outdoor signs for branding and communication purposes to indoor signs for wayfinding. The sign industry has also seen a demand for personalized signboards and brand-centric collaterals where every brand or premise is trying to personalize its elements and align them with its brand identity.

Because of various applications and increasing adaptation of personalized signs, the sign printing industry is expected to grow at a steady CAGR of 0.31% and is expected to reach the value of $46.702 billion by 2024. Also, with the introduction of new sign design technologies and printing methods, the overall order cycle and print production cost have been reduced significantly, empowering businesses to optimize their sales and profitability.

Because of these staggering figures, there has been a huge influx of digital sign design and printing businesses that are catering to standard and custom sign printing services. With this also comes increasing customer expectations and because of that, the digital sign printing businesses are facing certain challenges. To help enterprises run a successful sign printing business, let’s address these challenges and their potential solutions.

Custom sign pricing and quoting

Problem: By using an online sign design tool that enables customers to create their own custom designs, the design process can be sped up compared to offline efforts. For most businesses, the customers have to wait for the quote of their custom design, and because of this, businesses face abandonment issues. Customers either do not agree with the custom design prices and some abandon the idea due to the wait and ambiguity.

Solution: To overcome this challenge, sign printing businesses can look for sign design software that empowers customers with user-friendly custom sign designs and provides instant quotes. Web-to-print service providers allow businesses to define the price of each customization and thus give end-users real-time pricing as they customize their designs.


Problem: With the world still battling the pandemic and economies facing restricted movement, there have been a lot of problems in shipping. There’s also an increase in the price of the shipping costs due to the rising fuel scarcity. Apart from that, businesses that cater to sign printing services overseas are also facing the issues of container imbalance.

Solution: To overcome this challenge, sign printing businesses can use outsourcing services and cater to their customers. The idea is to create multiple printing partners in various regions and cover maximum ground. To create an internationally successful sign printing business, one can use their online platform to get the custom design orders using the sign design software and then outsource the printing job to the nearest printing associate. Also, with the help of a multi-vendor platform and ready-to-print output file features, you can automate the whole process and make it hassle-free.

Product visualization

Problem: One big challenge that leads to ambiguity and disputes is the issue of lack of visualization. Since customers design their product online in 2D format, they often feel the lack of product visualization and there are also incidents where they have a dissatisfactory experience as the design doesn’t match the actual print quality.

Solution: To overcome this, integrate a sign design tool that provides 3D previews of the product with 360° visualization capabilities. Not only can the customers have a clear idea as to how their design will look, but they can also get to know the print quality. But to make this feature a success, the print quality must match the print design online.

File upload

Problem: A seamless design requires high-quality artwork and design elements. Especially when we require outdoor signs with a huge design area, the pixels of the custom design elements matter the most as they can lead to a torn or blurred image.

Solution: To overcome this challenge, online sign businesses can leverage a sign design tool. They can use the software to define file upload size and resolution prerequisites and thus get a seamless high-quality design. Also, some software can create high-resolution design templates that users can easily choose and customize.


Problem: Lastly, with the increasing competition, many businesses, although they have amazing products and print quality, fail to establish a successful business. This is because they are unable to effectively promote their platform to their ideal potential customers.

Solution: To overcome this challenge, your online platform and design tool integration must be not only SEO friendly but also have calls to action (CTAs) placed strategically. Apart from that, businesses can also rely on content marketing and guerrilla campaigns to reach new customers and leverage search engines and social media platforms to reach their target audience. Also, to optimize sales, one can also integrate upselling and cross-selling automation modules. With these consistent marketing approaches, you can create a buzz in the market with automation, digital marketing, and sales optimization.

Challenges are nothing but business opportunities

If you make informed decisions and invest in quality products and processes, business challenges can be nothing but untapped business opportunities. The idea is to foresee the challenges and act on them proactively to create a competitive edge in your target market.

Abhishek Agarwal, Design’N’Buy

Abhishek Agarwal


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