Word to the Wise: Communication and Shop Workflow

Business management software is the key

To ensure communication flows seamlessly between departments in a shop, business management software is a huge help.

People are creatures of habit so, make business management software the habit. Develop a procedure for each step and give time and effort in training your staff at using the software. Sometimes its easier said than done, but if it’s important, you make it a priority.

One way to determine that your communication is flowing is to send a “test order” through the system periodically. Track it and see what happens. Do problems pop up? Find out if they are system issues, procedural issues, or operator errors. Treat them as “teaching orders.”┬áIf there are errors, find out why, adjust, and retest. If all is good, find out why and duplicate.

Adam McCauley

Adam McCauley

Adam McCauley is the co-owner of Sandlot Sports, a custom screen printing, embroidery, and promotional company that specializes in spiritwear, team uniforms, corporate workwear, and event T-shirts.

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