Why Adding Sublimation to a Decorating Business Can Be Profitable: Part three

A message for awards retailers.

Offering a wider array of products means you can fulfill more needs for more people. An awards retailer, for example, can expect to get steady business year-round, as schools, local sports, organizations, companies, and events always have some need for award products; however, each of these niche markets has needs beyond awards.

With one sublimation system, an awards retailer can offer more than engraved awards. Sublimation printing adds full-color awards on acrylic, slate, aluminum – even glass to the product lineup. In addition, awards retailers can upsell customers on promotional products, apparel, personalized gifts, and signage.

Now, when the local school comes looking for their annual order of teacher recognition plaques, the awards shop with sublimation capabilities can offer more value: photos of the teachers on the plaques, full-color imaging, personalized mugs, or water bottles for teacher gifts, signage for the annual recognition dinner, etc. The school gets everything it needs for the event in one place, and the awards shop increases its sales and profits.

-Robin Kavanaugh, Sawgrass

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