When should decorators consider using screen-printed transfers?

If your design is one to three colors, but your quantity is over 25 pieces, then it’s time to consider screen-printed transfers as your ideal heat printing method.

To create these transfers, a manufacturer will go through the traditional screen-print process, including emulsion, exposure, and ink mixing, and then screen printing the design onto a piece of release paper. This release paper then gets shipped for application onto a selected item.

Since the transfers are produced using traditional screen-printing methods, the higher the quantity, the better the price. Decorators should try to keep color count low when using this method because most manufacturers will price by color due to the number of screens required for the print.

If you need more than 50 pieces in a design with four or more colors, your ideal heat printing method is full-color screen-printed transfers. This heat printing method is the best of both worlds for large full-color orders. You get the benefit of color without affecting price because of the digital portion of the production process, and you also realize the benefit of decreased cost on higher quantities because these transfers are finished with the screen-print process.


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