What transfer method is best for a two-color design and an item quantity less than 25?

They’ll want to consider heat transfer vinyl (HTV) as their ideal heat printing method. Why?

HTV transfers come from cut designs out of a roll. Once the design is cut, the excess vinyl gets weeded away, and then the HTV transfer is ready for application. This weeding process means that you or the factory that’s making the transfers must individually handle every transfer. You’ve probably seen this heat printing method used most for team sports orders because it’s excellent for producing projects that require variable data. Since the transfers are created from a roll and handled individually, you also want to keep your colors limited with this heat printing method because every color means another layer to weed and apply.

If you know the number of colors and quantity of designs, you can make the right heat printing decision for your project. Remember, there are several specific products and adhesive formulas in the four major categories (HTV, screen-printed, digital, and full-color screen-printed transfers), as well as some special effect finishes.


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