What are some ways a graphics business can stand out on social media in 2020?

Videos are king on social media right now. Every social channel prioritizes videos. Live video the most, plus stories on Facebook and Instagram.

Businesses can easily share their process of making items, behind the scenes of running their businesses, and the products they sell. They can ask questions of their followers on video and other things to create engagement.

The more engagement (comments and followers talking with each other in the threads), the more your posts will rise in people’s newsfeeds. No special equipment is needed. Everyone has a video recorder in their hands. While the videos don’t need to be perfect, it’s good to remind yourself that they are representing your business. So, whatever that means to you.

Remember that your business social channels should be more about your customers and prospects than about you. How can you help them? People don’t like to follow pages that only talk about themselves. They want to engage with other people as humans. What does your target market struggle with regularly? Do you target moms? What tips can you give them? What can you share that will make them laugh, think, or even pull at the heartstrings?

It’s a good practice to share only 20% of your posts about your company and 80% about things that help or create emotion with your followers.

Instagram and Pinterest are visual platforms and great for graphic businesses. TikTok is also a popular platform for short-form videos perfect for sharing tips and behind the scenes activity for current and potential audiences, prospects, and customers. It’s also an excellent way to show your business’ personality.

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