Tips For Managing Your Laser’s Extraction System

Some things to keep in mind according to John Podwojski of BOFA Americas. 

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Every laser application creates by-products from the laser process, with the safest and most effective solution to capture these being an extraction system. A correctly spec’d extraction system should be rated to handle the air flow necessary to adequately remove the fumes and particulate from the bed of the engraving laser during the laser process. Note: the correct recommendation is also influenced by the hours of anticipated daily and weekly production as well as the substrates you will laser. Talk to your manufacturer about this. Laser cutting generally produces much higher fume and particulate content than a laser coding/marking application, so keep this in mind. 

-John Podwojski, BOFA Americas

John Podwojski

John Podwojski is the general manager of BOFA Americas.


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