The Value of Combining Laser Engraving with UV-LED Printing

Why should a business consider bringing these methods together?

The combination of a laser engraver and a UV-LED printer is a great tool for print shops to expand the offerings and create more possibilities for their business. One (a laser engraver) and one (a UV printer) is greater than two as the combination allows print service providers to add colors to engraved items or create engraving effects on printed products, which add value to products and greatly increase the profits.

-Keira Lee, GCC

Learn more about expanding your business with UV-LED printing in the July ’19 issue of A&E

Keira Lee

Keira Lee

Keira Lee is the chief of the GCC marketing department. She digs out the needs of the market of cutting plotters and UV printers and binds the product strategy to the tactics to drive success in sales and marketing.

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