The Many Uses of Chemical Etching

Curious about what this decoration method can be used for?

Etching has many varied uses within the sign and awards industry including outdoor and indoor signage, memorial plaques, industrial nameplates, offshore and oil signage, awards, medals, custom gifts, jewelry, and much more. The quality and permanency of etched metal make it an ideal solution for a wealth of applications. Chemical etching is also widely used in the production of printed circuit boards and the production of precision thin metal components for use in the electronics, automotive, and aerospace industries.

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Liam Dullaghan Jr.

Liam Dullaghan Jr. is the manager at Laser2Etch, an English company that aims to make chemical etching more accessible to laser engraving and sign companies. Laser2Etch is a division of Mastertech, a company Liam has been with since 1983.

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