The Advantage of Rotary Devices: Tumblers

The trick to achieving complete coverage on rounded objects, including stainless-steel tumblers.

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Having a rotary device for your laser can give you a competitive advantage over those who do not have one. Anyone with a laser is capable of doing standard engraving on anodized or powder-coated tumblers. For some, that may be the only way they can mark them. While a rotary device is not required, without it the graphics and layouts can be limited. Adding a rotary device allows for complete coverage of the entire surface area and makes wrap-around designs easier to accomplish. This additional service will make you competitive within a large crowd. 

Many operators have added laser marking materials (LMMs) to their arsenal for stainless-steel finishes. It takes a little more skill, time, material, and some additional equipment; however, it allows you to do the stainless-steel finish items as well as the color-coated ones. (A fiber laser is an alternative option to LMMs, but it requires a significantly greater investment.

-Jim Puentes, COOLaserCraft 

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Jim Puentes COOLaserCraft

Jim Puentes

Jim Puentes opened COOLaserCraft in 2008, providing his clients with marking, cutting, and fabrication services. Contact Jim at [email protected]


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