Stimulate Excitement with Holiday Projects

Lenny Huiras, owner of Vital Signs NW, shares how he helps spark some energy in his shop every November. 

We started engraving pumpkins pies a few years ago as a laugh with our family. They say I will engrave anything, so I wanted to prove them right – and it’s become a shop tradition ever since. Each pie takes almost an hour to do, and I usually do three a year during the holidays. 

I think projects like this help business because they keep things interesting for your employees, plus it gives them an opportunity to gain insight on how different medias react under the laser. 

Our staff always loves pumpkin engraving day! The new staff members always get the biggest kick out of it. We try to keep things new and interesting around our shop. We don’t want the corporate burnout you get at major companies, so we let our staff have a little freedom to try new products or techniques. 

Be it lasering pies or the plate it’s served on, we never have a shortage of fun around here, and we think that reflects on how our employees treat our customers; they give them the same excitement when they bring in a new project or challenge.

-Lenny Huiras, Vital Signs NW

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Lenny Huiras

Lenny Huiras and his wife, Andi, own and operate Vital Signs NW in Winston, Oregon. Over the last seven years, they have grown into a complete customization shop, specializing in screen printing, digital printing, sublimation, laser engraving, and sandcarving.

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