Simple Calculations to Transform an Object in CorelDRAW

Let the program do the math for you.

A cool feature of CorelDRAW is its ability to do some simple mathematical calculations. Suppose I have an object selected but need it to be exactly one-third its original size. I can grab my calculator to do the math and resize by typing in the numbers or I can let the program do it for me.

In the Size field, after the number, I can type “/3” and press the Enter key, resulting in the object being reduced to one-third its original size.

Doug Zender

Doug Zender

Doug Zender has used CorelDRAW extensively since version 4. His goal is to minimize the intimidation of the program and give users the sense that CorelDRAW is a friend, not an adversary. Doug began as a design artist, then moved into the sign industry in 1992 doing vinyl graphics. You can contact him at [email protected]

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