Show Them What You’ve Got: Signature Samples

For a business that specializes in engraving, the proof is in the end result.

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People need to see engraving and cutting examples to truly appreciate them, so visual advertising is of great importance. Determine your signature sample. Ideally, your signature sample is one you can mass produce and send to prospects.

Your signature sample also illustrates the great engraving detail and spot-on cutting capabilities of your engraving equipment. You may customize samples as necessary; however, ultimately your signature sample should be two things: memorable and usable.

Depending upon which industries you target, you could have a number of signature samples applicable to different audiences. You can send letters of introduction, special offers, and samples to applicable decision-makers within companies in your target market(s). A direct mailing with visual samples is just one way to establish your image with potential customers.


Amy Dallman

Epilog Laser

Amy Dallman is the marketing communications specialist for Epilog Laser. In this role, she creates a variety of content including blog posts, sample club instructions, eNewsletters, and more.

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