Rotary Engraving Noses Part 2: Advantages

Engrave with consistent depth using this system.

The advantages of noses include: 

  • Having consistent engraving depth is the major plus and a convenient location for a chip removal. 
  • An advantage that’s not always obvious is the pressure a nose exerts steadies the material and makes the material stick better to the table.
  • A well-leveled table can engrave without a nose, provided the material you are engraving is a consistent thickness, but itsnot a simple task to achieve with all the possible irregularities in table flatness, material thickness, and adhesion to the table.

For a nose to work best: Use a chip removal system, the spindle must have over-travel capability, the software must apply over-travel, and most importantly, make sure the cutter is properly set.

-Fred Schwartz, Quality One Engravers

Look back on Part 1 for the challenges of rotary engraving noses. 

Fred Schwartz

Fred Schwartz is the project engineer at Quality One Engravers located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Quality One Engravers has been in engraving industry for over 35 years and has a wealth of knowledge on old and newer engravers, as well as software, parts, service, tips, and tricks.

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