Real Talk: Should I Go Online?

There are four major benefits of setting up an online arm for your business. 

Operating costs are on the rise. Customer expectations are continually evolving. Acquiring new customers is a daily challenge. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Decorators face clear challenges that could potentially impact profitability and growth, but the solution to overcome these challenges is not so clear.

As online selling becomes more pervasive and disruptors like Amazon expand into the decorated apparel space, more and more business owners find themselves asking, “Should I go online?”

It’s a valid question and one to be carefully considered. Implementing new technology and processes can be a significant undertaking, so it’s essential to weigh the options thoughtfully. Thankfully, technology platforms are better than ever, and decorators can implement them without disrupting business.

Here’s what going online can do for your business:

Increased reach

Providing an online buying experience allows people beyond your immediate community or sphere of influence to do business with you. For example, decorators working with groups for spiritwear, company apparel, and fundraising can see a significant uptick in the number of orders. Family members and friends in other cities or states often want to purchase products in support of their loved ones.

Modern buying experience

Modern customers expect it to be easy to find, research, contact, and purchase from businesses. Providing customer-facing technology such as online stores allows for the modern conveniences they are already familiar with and have come to expect in nearly all aspects of their life.

Enhanced customer experience

Contrary to popular belief, technology can improve your customers’ experience and enable you to deliver a personal touch. How? It allows you to narrow your focus and spend more time on the human-to-human aspects of your business – like meeting with customers in-person or sending handwritten notes to partners.

Empowered scalability

Customer expectations and market demands are always changing, making it a challenge for businesses of all sizes to keep up. For many, there’s more work to be done than hours in the day. Implementing the right technology improves scalability, allowing you to accomplish more with the resources you have, which is a benefit for time-strapped business owners. For example, automating order collection with online stores frees up your time to serve more customers or fulfill additional orders without needing to outsource or turn down business.

Hayley Bell, OrderMyGear

Hayley Bell

Hayley Bell leads content curation at OrderMyGear, a technology company that provides innovative tools and solutions that empower dealers and distributors to grow their business. Her specialties include developing insightful resources, monitoring industry topics, and getting things done.

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