Preserve Your UV Printer: Part 1

How important is it to keep up with a regular maintenance schedule?

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UV-LED print technology is a versatile platform that enables users to print on many types of materials. However, the technology requires regular maintenance to ensure consistent performance. The main objective with UV-LED printer maintenance is to protect the print head.

Besides performing regular maintenance/cleaning of the printer, it is also important that the printer runs in regular intervals to ensure proper functionality.

One of the worst things for the health of a UV-LED printer is to allow it to sit unused for long periods of time, unless the proper storage tasks have been done to make sure damage will not be done to the print head and other components. Most UV-LED printer manufacturers understand this, and therefore provide meticulous maintenance information and schedules for daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annual, and annual tasks, which should be followed as closely as possible.

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