My embroidery machine left an oil spot on a cap. How do I save it?

You oiled your embroidery machine and your first run of caps now have oil spots on them.

Your embroidery machine dripped oil on your cap or garment. Now, what? (Image: The Embroidery Coach)

So, what do you do now?

To remove the oil spot, mix up a small amount of Dawn dish soap with a small amount of water. Rub it on the oil spot. With a wet cloth, wipe the area until it is clean of the oil. You will have to dampen the entire front of the cap for it not to leave a water spot.

But, how could this be avoided?

Oiling a machine should be done the first thing in the morning or the last thing at night. If you have your embroidery machine set up for flats, you can run a small low stitch design for your first run to make sure the oil will not drip onto your garments.

If you have your cap drivers on the machine, this is a little difficult. If you place a piece of topping on the front of your caps before sewing them, this will avoid oil from dripping on your hats. Oil cannot penetrate the topping, and this will solve that issue and save your caps.


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