Managing Traffic Flow

These three areas of thought are among the most important when designing a space to attract business.

A primitive fishing technique still used today arranges rocks to create a natural looking offshoot of a stream, corralling the fish into a closed-off pool. Businesses can create natural traffic flow just like this that lead potential customers into your shop or booth.

When designing your shop’s entrance or exhibits for a booth, think about the accessibility of people walking by. Will they be able to walk in directly, or will they need to maneuver around objects like tables? If you’re attending an event-driven opportunity, are the exhibits accessible to attendees? Is a crowd in the booth more valuable than a crowd in front of the booth?

These three areas of thought are among the most important when designing a space for business.

Just remember, as your business grows, you will need to start looking at custom designs to attract more business and show off your presence.

-Chris Howard, Gyford StandOff Systems

Chris Howard

Chris Howard, MM has been working in Marketing and Product Development for 15 years in the fashion watch, handbag, and education industries. Formerly, he worked as the Marketing Coordinator at Gyford StandOff Systems. Howard holds a Masters of Management degree as well as certificates in Marketing and Visual Communication, combining his project management and continuous improvement knowledge with consumer decision-making models to create meaningful and timeless products and campaigns.

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Matt Dixon

Matt Dixon is the executive editor of GRAPHICS PRO and WRAPS magazines. Before that he was served as editor of Sign & Digital Graphics and Sign Business Magazine. He can be reached at 720-566-7286.

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