Maintain a Higher Wattage Laser System

Maintenance should be low.

As long as you cut your materials clean with the right air pressure, the right amount of vacuum, and you have a clean workshop, maintenance is low. You always want to check if your lenses are clean, but you should have enough air pressure to keep the lenses clean. A lot of people cut with too little air pressure, and there will be debris that gets back up onto your lenses and that will cause a bad lens.

Other maintenance on the machines are typically done once a month, such as oiling or greasing the machine. Make sure your table is clean and free of debris.

-Adam Voigt and Eric Johnson, Kern Laser Systems

Adam Voigt

Adam Voigt

Adam Voigt works in marketing and sales at Kern Laser Systems.

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson is a machinist by trade and has a degree in mechanical drafting and design. He has been employed with Kern Laser Systems the past 18 years building and selling laser equipment. He is currently a sales consultant working with new and custom CO2 applications.

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