Looking for New Customers to Grow Your Business

Recognize demographic changes and trends to best understand how to market to new customers.

A business grows by either finding new customers or increasing its sales to its existing customers. Either consciously or not, a business uses the profile of its typical customers when looking for new ones. It is normal for a business to market to potential customers that share common characteristics with its existing customers since that is how the business is already focused. It is important for a business to recognize demographic changes and trends both locally and universally, or else it may find that it is marketing itself to the wrong target market. A good example of this premise may be found by examining population trends in the United States and how they have changed.

-Eric Priceman, Victory

Eric Priceman Victory

Eric Priceman

Eric Priceman is president of Victory. In his three decades in the awards and engraving industry, he has traveled extensively, both domestically and internationally, visiting customers and suppliers. He is happy to share his unique perspectives of the industry, both past and present. Please feel free to contact Eric by email at or by phone at 773-637-7777 ext. 228.

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