Laser Engraving: The Necessary Tools

Make sure you have the correct items on hand before you operate your laser

One of the nice things about lasers is that most materials can be processed directly and precisely with the laser without any additional setup, tooling, chemical additives, or post-processing, which drastically minimizes the need for additional tools and supplies. An important thing to consider, however, is whether or not your laser requires protective gear such as safety goggles, and to make sure you have the correct items on hand before you operate the laser. Your laser manufacturer will be able to provide this information.

If you are working on a specific application, you may need to invest in accessories to help you produce them. For example, to make engraved tumblers, you’ll need a rotary attachment. Other specialized applications may require accessories such as different lenses or vision registration software.

It’s also important to make sure you equip your laser system with the proper exhaust and ventilation system. When a laser applies heat to materials, it creates smoke and fumes. If that smoke isn’t evacuated from a laser system, harmful, toxic, and dangerous fumes can cause health risks and create costly damage to the optics, mechanics, and other critical system components.

Amie McGee

Amie McGee is the Director of Operations at Trotec Laser. She has been with the company since 2004 and holds over 20 years' experience in the laser engraving industry.

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