Items to Heat Print This Holiday Season

Ramp up your inventory and yield high profits before the year ends. 

If you’re looking to generate holiday sales in your custom apparel business this year, you’ll need to ramp up your inventory for the busy retail season. Shoppers are searching for the perfect holiday gifts for friends and family, and it’s essential to get your shop’s products in front of them. With heat printing, you can easily personalize or custom print any item, which means you’re able to accept any job and get them out in time for the holiday.

Here are some tips to consider that will make sure your holiday heat printing runs smoothly and yields high profits.

Product Strategy

From personalized gifts to custom apparel and accessories, there are many opportunities for you to profit during the busy retail season. So, which type of holiday gifts are best for your customers? If your shop specializes in monogramming or personalization in general, offer it on top-selling, high-margin gift items such as vegan leather tote bags or crossbody purses.

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Level up your personalization offering by using e-commerce platforms that allow your customers to add their personal touch. This freedom to customize goes a long way, especially for the holiday season. Platforms that give your customers the ability to make live custom edits to their order and see first-hand what it’s going to look like before they purchase will add a lot of value to your business.


Top-Selling Items

When planning out your holiday product line, consider what top-selling products you want to source. Find a supplier that offers a pre-sale on holiday blank apparel and accessories and place your orders. You want to have everything you need for your customers without running out before the gift-buying time is over. Planning and forecasting your sales will allow you to inventory top-selling items in your shop without risk of backorder when orders come rolling in.

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Trendy Holiday Designs

Your holiday designs should align with your product strategy. Use holiday-themed graphics, clipart, and templates or get creative with holiday quotes on T-shirts. Mixing and matching holiday-inspired colors and patterns are an easy way to take simple HTV graphics to the next level.


Buffalo plaid is one of the hottest pattern trends for this time of year. Incorporating this pattern in your graphics will be sure to catch your customer’s interest when looking for the perfect holiday party apparel.

Need inspiration for holiday-inspired graphics? Having a go-to source for customizable templates and clipart is a must-have to turn holiday orders around quickly. Look for artwork designer platforms that are up to date with trending graphics in the industry, specifically for holidays such as the designs photographed below.

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Want to learn more about tips and best practices for the holidays? Check out this live class,

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