Expand Your Sublimation Horizons with Jewelry

Michael Kaminsky of Sublimation101 has a few ideas up his sleeve...

Zinc alloy aluminum insert jewelry is gaining popularity from necklaces to bracelets, to earrings and more. Over the years, the options have expanded to even bolo ties and double heart bracelet sets as well as teardrop-shaped necklace and earring sets.

We have found that a lot of our end-finishers sell these products on Etsy to the pet market, for example. This is an area of the industry that has grown tremendously as people spend and do anything for their pets. Why not make custom dog collars, gifts for pet owners, and more? Marketing these products is simple; go to local pet stores and talk with owners about adding a display in-house or attend a show and begin your search for clients.

Michael Kaminsky

Michael Kaminsky


Michael Kaminsky is the CFO at Sublimation101 in Branchburg, New Jersey. He has been with the company since June 2015 and practicing sublimation for over 25 years, and he has led training classes at THE NBM SHOW (now GRAPHICS PRO EXPO) since 2000.

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