Expand into the Growing Market of UV-LED Printing

Michael Perrelli, Direct Color Systems, shares insight on the value of this developing technology.

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The goal for most UV-LED printer owners is to leverage the technology to add value (profit) to a certain product or group of products. Others use it to make current processes better or more efficient. OK, you might say, “That’s awesome, but what’s new? Can I print faster, better, and more profitable products than I could a few years ago?” The answer to that question is yes. Though still young when compared to other technologies, UV-LED printer applications and advancements are developed and released at a rapid rate.

Recent developments in ink formulations have seen the advent of flexible and stretchable ink options for UV-LED printers. These options have opened up new application and product streams that weren’t available for this technology a few short years ago. Whether it’s leather, T-shirts, or foam rafts, flexible inks have opened completely new revenue streams for some printer owners. 

-Michael Perrelli, Direct Color Systems

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Michael Perrelli

Michael Perrelli

Michael Perrelli has over 7 years of marketing experience in the personalization industry. From 2013-2020, he held a marketing position with Direct Color Systems, a manufacturer of UV-LED printers. Now, he is the marketing director for CPS Resources, a manufacturer in the pad printing, hot stamp foil, and heat transfer market.

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