CorelDRAW Tips: The Pivot Point

Rotate and skew objects to your preferred liking in any design.

When any selection is chosen in CorelDRAW, whether one or more objects, clicking a second time on it changes the control points to Rotation and Skew handles, and in the center, there appears a small circle with a dot in the middle, the Pivot point. The four corners each have a “rotation” handle, and each midpoint has a “skew” handle (a small two-directional arrow).

As seen in the image above, I skewed the object to the right and up, holding down the Ctrl key to constrain it to 15 degrees in each direction. The Pivot point is easily moved to anywhere it works best. Just click and drag where it is most needed to complete the design to you or your client’s liking.

Doug Zender

Doug Zender

Doug Zender has used CorelDRAW extensively since version 4. His goal is to minimize the intimidation of the program and give users the sense that CorelDRAW is a friend, not an adversary. Doug began as a design artist, then moved into the sign industry in 1992 doing vinyl graphics. You can contact him at [email protected]

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