Breaking into the Memorial Market

Start by looking into businesses that specialize in helping people during a loved one's passing.

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The first place to look when getting into the memorial market is to the industry businesses that specialize in helping people with a loved one’s passing, such as funeral homes and crematories.

Reach out to those businesses and find out how you can help with their memorialization program. Show them examples of the products, help them with templates, and make it easy for them to offer these services to their customers.

Once you have sold them on the idea of offering these services to their clients, help them develop the marketing materials with information about the longevity of the memorial piece, the vibrancy, and other positive strong attributes of the product. In a time of loss, people are looking for strength and brightness to help them with the grieving process. The end user also needs an “easy” process due to the mass of other things they deal with during their loss.

Human loss is not the only market for these products. Dogs, cats, and other animals are part of the family almost as much as a brother, sister, uncle, or aunt. Because pets have a shorter life span than humans, we have to deal with these losses more frequently. Having a loving and lasting memory imprinted on something like a plaque or even an urn can help with the healing process. There are many online communities for animal lovers you could reach out to, as well as your local animal hospitals and veterinarians.

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