4 Factors to Consider When Pricing Laser Engraving

Many successful engraving businesses use the following formula with these four factors to calculate pricing. 

Before you determine your pricing structure, take a little time to learn the prices of other engraving businesses in your area. It’s a good way to gauge the amount customers are willing to pay for engraving services, and will also help you determine a competitive price for your services.

Many successful engraving businesses use the following formula to calculate pricing:

  1. Minimum charge: Covers the time of job set-up.
  2. Artwork charge: Covers time required for creating any logos or artwork.
  3. Materials cost: Covers the cost of all related materials.
  4. Number of items: This will help calculate the time required to engrave each piece of the job.

Amy Dallman

Epilog Laser

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