The Right Tool for the Job: Wrap, Window Tint, and PPF Films

There is a fair amount of crossover between tools needed for window tint, PPF, and commercial/color change wraps. Yet, it’s essential to pay attention to the specific differences, particularly in blades, squeegee type, and heat sources, so that you can really dial it in.

Commercial/color change

Tape measure, medium and soft squeegee with a fresh buffer, stainless steel snap-off blades (30- or 58-degree), light-duty utility knife, safe box, application glove, heat gun/torch/steamer/IR heater, magnets, tucking tools, contour cutters, masking tape, IR thermometer, and edge seal tape.

Window tint

Tape measure, tucking cards, wet application squeegees with and without a handle, stainless steel snap-off blades (58-degree), safe box, light-duty utility knife, heat gun, and a pressurized sprayer (glide solution).


Wet application squeegee, stainless steel or carbon snap-off blades (30- or 58-degree), light-duty snap-off blade, heat gun, pressurized sprayers (glide and tack solutions), and POD steamer.

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