Specialty Sublimation Substrates to Consider

Acrylic: These are particularly useful for awards and recognition applications. Plus, many suppliers carry the acrylics in pre-cut shapes like stars, pyramids, and other dimensional designs, which means decorators can apply detailed, intricate prints on a uniquely shaped product.

Aluminum Photo Panels: Photo-based applications work well for a variety of clients. David Gross, Condé, mentions the ChromaLuxe line of aluminum photo panels, which come in several different sizes. Shops can use these panels to sublimate everything from a small keepsake from a family reunion to a large, panoramic shot for the lobby of a corporate office.

Customizable License Plates and Frames: Lisa Ellston, JDS Industries, says that depending on where a shop is based, they can use these to tap into the automotive market. “Some states only require one plate, which means that a decorative plate can be used for the second plate.”

If two plates are required, Ellston notes that shops can sublimate a personalized license plate frame in addition to the custom plate.

Sublimatable Slate: Similar to photo panels, shops can use sublimatable slate as a canvas for photos in multiple sizes. This product also works well for other applications like pet memorials or décor and signage for residential and business purposes.

Wayfinding and Directional Signage: Josh Bender, Unisub, points out that this category of products works great for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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Mike Clark

Mike Clark is a former contributing editor for National Business Media. Currently, he works as a freelance writer out of Denver, Colorado.

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