Selling and Fulfilling Embroidery Orders Virtually

The basics for selling and fulfilling orders in a virtual embroidery business can break down into a seven-step process. Before you start this process you must have an inquiry from a prospect or a customer.

The four main options your prospects or customers should have when looking to contact include:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Social media or app messenger
  • Text

Now that they’ve contacted you, what’s next?

  1. After this first contact, if it by email, text, or messenger, I would then send them an email to set up an appointment to talk on the phone. During the phone call, ask them the basic questions that you need to start working with them and let them know that you will schedule a face-to-face meeting with them online so that it is more personal. Also during the phone conversation, ask for their logo and all the details you will need to start putting together a quote for them.
  2. That next step will be to gather all of the information, samples, images, and pricing to be able to create your quote. You need to get totally prepared for your personal meeting so that you have all of the information at hand to save time for the customer. After you gather all of the information that you need for your quote, You can then be ready to discuss this during your video meeting.
  3. Set up an appointment with them to meet through your online portal. Let them know you will send them the information on how to get logged in and set up for the call. Let your customers know that they do not have to leave their space. This will save them time and will be much safer for everyone. They will appreciate that.
  4. This online meeting will be just the same as it would be if they were in your shop or office. You can then work with your customer showing him or her your samples, write up the order, and close the sale.
  5. From there, complete production as you normally would.
  6. After you have completed the order, send your customer their invoice.
  7. As soon as you receive payment, offer various options like shipping the order or setting up curbside pickup.

Once you get used to working this way, you might find this to be the main way of working with your customers.


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