Pay Attention to Polyester

Your garment's color retention depends on it...

For those that aren’t aware, sublimation is a poly-specific technology, which means all of the thousands of hard substrates available to be sublimated have been through a polyester coating facility, and the garments or fabrics have a 50 percent or higher poly content.

The polyester in the garment is directly related to the color retention you receive. We get a lot of customers using 50/50 garments because those offer a vintage look, whereas others want the pop of 100 percent color retention, in which case, there are a number of lines made specifically for sublimation on high- or all-poly content.

-Sean Stewart, Johnson Plastics Plus

Sean Stewart

Sean Stewart

Sean Stewart is a Digital Printing and Equipment Specialist with Johnson Plastics Plus. If you have questions, feel free to contact Sean via email at or on his direct line 405-470-5703.

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