Outside of my brick and mortar shop, where can I sell my decorated apparel?

You have options on where to sell

Having a brick and mortar shop is a great thing because it gives your customers a place to go, and it’s a place to display what you make, but there are a lot of other great venues in which you can sell your work.

One thing to do is look at any hobbies or interests that you have and see if there is any potential for the sales of decorated goods there. Can you sell shirts at a gymnastics meet, embroidered dog collars at a dog show, or decorated water bottles at a 5K race? If you are already a part of the world in which you’re trying to sell, you’re perfectly positioned to make contact with buyers and to know what items might sell best.

Another option is selling online. There are fulfillment sites like Zazzle or CafePress, or options like Etsy, where you create the decorated items yourself. Businesses who use Shopify or BigCommerce as their e-commerce platforms can take advantage of buyable pins on Pinterest. Amazon may be a good option for some items. There is also the option of setting up a store through one of the plug-and-play e-commerce options like Yahoo Stores or Shopify if you don’t want to build and host your own e-commerce site.

Finally, don’t forget the value of networking. It might be worth joining the local Chamber of Commerce, the PTA, or any local clubs or groups that pique your interest. Make sure you wear samples of your work often, and always have business cards available for when someone asks “Where did you get that awesome shirt?”

You don’t have to hit people with a hard sell, but be aware of and take advantage of the sales opportunities happening around you.



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