Organization: The 5S Implementation Model

5S, or 5S Lean, is a system I recently gleaned from a customer, Cedarstream, for organizing shop tools and accessories effectively.

5S is the most effective way to keep tools and supplies organized. It’s a simple program that is part of the lean manufacturing technique adopted by companies worldwide.

The five steps of 5S Lean include:

  1. Sort – Eliminate unnecessary items that are not needed for the current workflow.
  2. Set in order – Frequently used workstation materials and tools should be arranged so that all needed items are easy to access and find.
  3. Shine – Keep all equipment clean and free of clutter. Clean equipment equates to smoother productivity and improved quality.
  4. Standardize – Benchmarking and evaluation tactics should be utilized to maintain a consistent approach for carrying out tasks and procedures.
  5. Sustain – Train and educate your staff so your production team can continue these practices day in and day out.
PJ Bordner, Easiway Systems

PJ Bordner

PJ Bordner is the Southeastern sales manager at Easiway Systems, a provider of screen cleaning chemicals and equipment

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