Making Good Vinyl Choices for Floor Graphics

Keep these do's and don'ts in mind when choosing a film

A huge mistake is assuming that removable floor graphics can be produced with any removable vinyl. While you might get lucky, it’s a bad habit to just use whatever’s available when there are application-specific materials readily accessible, and usually at a minimal price difference from your standard removable option. A good floor adhesive vinyl is designed to stand up to heavy foot traffic, mechanical cleaning, and have compatibility with various floor waxes and finishes.

Air-egress materials should be avoided as these provide channels for cleaners to get under the film and attack the adhesive, weakening the bond and creating a trip hazard. Always check with your material supplier and make sure that your base film is warrantied for floor graphic use.

Ink durability is an important consideration when using one-step floor graphics. The selection of base film is doubly critical here as you won’t have the benefit of a laminate to protect the print or provide a non-slip surface due to ink being added to the surface. These options are typically textured or designed specifically for outdoor graphics. Plan on these types of films when the graphic is short-term, and check with your ink manufacturer for info on expected durability.

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