Items You Can Make with a Cutting Plotter

Because a cutting plotter can handle different materials, the range of applications is endless

A cutting plotter is a cutting device controlled by a computer that can digitally produce art pieces, signs, designs, and crafts. It can also efficiently and accurately handle different cutting processes to optimize your workflow and maximize your productivity.

Since a cutting plotter can handle different materials, such as paper, stickers, cardstock, adhesive vinyl, heat transfer material, magnet sheets, window film, etc., the range of applications is endless. There are also different sizes of machines. The large-format ones are used for mass production of industrial products or large projects, while the small-format devices are primarily used for daily life and can produce custom gifts or promotional items.

With a cutting plotter and correct graphic software, you can start your small business and sell ready-made or customized products. The following are some feasible project ideas you can offer in your shop that might bring great opportunities for you.


The provision of customized paper cards like greeting cards, postcards, business cards, note cards, wedding cards, etc., for special occasions, allows you to offer tailor-made service to individuals or businesses. This service opens up opportunities and helps to establish and maintain relationships with customers.

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Custom T-shirts are very popular for specific occasions or purposes in the apparel market. In such an application, you need to print your design onto heat transfer film, cut it out, and then heat press the design on T-shirts. During this process, a cutting plotter is a must-have tool for you as you can cut out your design rapidly and easily. Also, you can use the cutter to create clothing tags for added merchandising integrity.

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Boxes and bags

The cutting plotter is best suited for package prototyping or small runs of packaging production. With the installation of front and rear add-on tables, the paper box can be easily completed through precise cutting. Personalized packages might encourage customers to buy for a particular event or celebration.

Banners and signage

Cutting plotters can make signage with a company logo and advertising message, which are the typical applications. You’ve likely seen the “Keep your distance” signs posted on the ground recently—you can use a cutting plotter to make those. Cutting plotters can also make large banners for special occasions, which can be marketed for individual use, like weddings, parties, or family reunions.

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Stickers, labels, and magnets

Cutting stickers is one of the most commonly seen applications of a cutting plotter. If your cutting plotter has an automatic alignment function, it can detect registration marks printed on materials to precisely cut around the edges of your design, giving you the perfect sticker or label.

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You can also make small and creative refrigerator magnets for customers or magnetic alphabetical charts and counting charts for elementary schools.


Making stencils is one of the crafting solutions offered by cutting plotters. You can make various designs and cut them out on paper to create stencil templates for interior decorating, rhinestone clothes, or painted signs.

When Christmas comes, people like to make window displays to decorate their homes. A cutting plotter can create snow spray stencils and give you the best and warmest winter season. Moreover, a cutting plotter can cut sandblast materials for glass sandblasting, broadening the range of applications even further.

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Most vehicle owners may use window film and paint protection film to block heat and protect their cars. In the past, people cut the film by hand, which was time-consuming and often caused a waste of materials, as the film is too thin or hard to cut it manually. Large-format cutting plotters, a trouble-free solution, can handle window films and paint protection film with ease. A cutting plotter can firmly hold the film and cut it quickly and accurately. Of course, you can also cut decals with decorative shapes and designs.

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