Is it true that the higher the value of the engravable product, the higher the risk of engraving it?

Engraving expensive tech gadgets may seem off-putting because of their high price tag; however, because speed and power settings are so precise, laser engraving tech toys such as iPods, cell phones, and laptops is non-invasive. Almost any tech gadget can be engraved without worrying about disassembling the gadget to protect the internal components. The laser engraving technique is so gentle that it will not destroy the inner workings of the devices.

-Mike Dean, Epilog Laser

Mike Dean

Mike Dean is the vice president of sales and marketing as well as one of the founding members of Epilog Laser. Since the company was founded, he has been an integral part of Epilog's branding and messaging, distributor relations, and research and development. Dean is well-known in the awards, engraving, and personalization industry and is a regular presenter at industry trade shows and events.

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