Is it a good idea to buy vinyl in bulk?

E-commerce stores now afford everyone the opportunity to sell their products online, making it easy for you to take advantage of this avenue and earn some extra money with your HTV business. Purchasing heat transfer vinyl in rolls helps you save on personalization supplies in the long run, and you can cut and re-sell any overstock vinyl by the sheet in your online store when you need to clean up your inventory. 

Sometimes it’s easier to cut a vinyl design and ship it off to a customer without having to worry about pressing the items (especially if the customer owns their own heat press or wants to apply the vinyl to a tricky garment style). Take advantage of this if you can. Usually vinyl transfers are light and can fit inside a smaller envelope, which allows you to save on shipping costs. Add a pre-cut vinyl section to your Etsy shop or online store and be sure to add new or seasonal designs regularly to keep your selection fresh. 

If you have the right equipment, don’t hesitate to experiment with creating fun or printable vinyl that coincides with holidays or relevant trends before adding these items to your store as well – you may snag a couple new customers by doing so.

-Chelsea Borgmann, Coastal Business Supplies

Chelsea Borgmann

Chelsea Borgmann

Chelsea Borgmann is a marketing guru who's previously held positions at Shirt Kong, Coastal Business Supplies, and Imaging Supplies Warehouse. She has 5+ years of experience working in the digital marketing and social media fields. Borgmann has a bachelor’s degree in journalism with an emphasis in magazine writing and multi-cultural studies from Mizzou.

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