How to Sublimate a Beach Towel

Easily create a customized towel with a desktop sublimation printer

What could be cooler than a custom personalized beach/pool towel in the summer months?

In this article, I’ll walk through how to easily create one with a desktop sublimation printer. In this case, I used a towel with 100% polyester on one side and brushed cotton on the other.

Step 1

image 1
Fig. 1

Layout: you will need to have a printed image (regular paper and ink) to create a mockup so that it is easy to put together. (Fig. 1)

Step 2

Sizing the artwork:

  • Corners: average size 6.25”-8.25” canvas to hold artwork printed on 8.5” x 11.0” sublimation paper and ink. Total of four images — one per corner
  • Sides: The average size is 14” long by 5” high. Two of the images need to be printed for both sides
  • Middle: 10” wide by 16” long

Step 3

image 4 jpg e1696450027438
(Fig. 2)

Lay out the images in their proper locations. (Fig. 2)

Now the fun part is assembly and pressing!

  • Fold the towel in half, then over, and press so you get a center point. This makes it easier to line up vertically and horizontally.
  • Press at 400 degrees for 30 seconds
  • Start with a corner. Then go to the sides and use your guide points by folding the center image in half — marking a center point — then line up.
  • Work your way up one side, then repeat for the other side.

Then press the middle and you are finished! (Fig. 3)

20230606 165215 02
Fig. 3
Michael Kaminsky sublimation

Michael Kaminsky


Michael Kaminsky is the CFO at Sublimation101 in Branchburg, New Jersey. He has been with the company since June 2015 and practicing sublimation for over 25 years, and he has led training classes at THE NBM SHOW (now GRAPHICS PRO EXPO) since 2000.

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