How to Plan for and Hang Photo Panels

Here are some tips to consider when grouping photo panels for wall decor

One of the challenges of adding wall decor is hanging multiple panels on the wall for maximum impact. Grouping photo panels can be a great way to showcase parts of a large photo or collage of images.  Here are some tips to consider when grouping photo panels for wall decor.

Be creative

There is no exact science behind grouping photo panels for wall decor. It is, in fact, a good opportunity to let your creativity run wild. Will the photo grouping have a similar theme or type of photography?  Perhaps the group is a single image on multiple panels? Is there a focal point in the group that you want to highlight? Many unique possibilities exist that can bring out the best overall look desired.

Size up the space

Where will the photo panels be hung? How many photo panels do you need? How much space are you filling? What shape or pattern will they be mounted in? What are the panels’ overall dimensions, and how much space needs to be between them when they are hung? Knowing the answers to these questions in advance will help immensely.

Measure and prepare your work

When adhering panels to the wall, it is always a good decision to measure twice and ensure a level is nearby. If hanging multiple panels, use wrapping paper or butcher paper and tape to make a mock wall using your space dimensions. Lay the mock wall on a large table or the floor, then use your measurements to layout your photo panels with the appropriate spacing.

You may want to start with your focal point. When finished with your layout, take a dry erase marker, and trace the photo panels’ edges. Use painter’s tape to secure the paper to the wall. Mount your photos in the spaces, using a level, then carefully remove the paper. Remember to use the appropriate mounting to protect your photo panels and your walls.

Have fun

This tip requires no further explanation. Enjoy creating a beautiful wall space enhanced by photo panels!

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