How to Make 3D Renderings with Adobe Dimension for Signage Solutions

Win more deals with 3D and augmented reality

The way you present your ideas and proposals has always been a critical element in standing out in the market and winning more deals for your company. It is important to be very clear in communication in what you offer, but also be very detailed in your drawings so that your customer has a good visual idea of what to expect from you.

However, many products are, to say it bluntly, straightforward: a lightbox, a totem, a textile frame, and so on. How can you stand out with such standard products if your competitors are offering almost the same and do a good job regarding their quote, pricing, and terms?

Additionally, many signmakers buy the necessary parts of these products at the same suppliers as their competitors. While you need to take care of your margin, of course, sometimes it looks like the only factor where you can “win” is the price. Who wants the job with the lowest margin? This can’t be the way to go.

And if you are also suffering a COVID-19 lockdown situation, you cannot even address your killer sales skills and charms to win the deal.

The solution is at hand. It’s time to spice up your quotes and presentations with super cool 3D renderings and maybe even augmented reality.

This sounds time-consuming and complicated, but with the considerable progress in 3D software, it has become reachable. In addition to that, there is a big chance you already have the software, but you have never explored how it works.

Since you are working in the graphic or sign industry, I assume you are familiar with Adobe. If you have never heard of Adobe Dimension, you should open your Creative Cloud App on your PC or Mac, and make sure you have Dimension installed. It is almost child’s play to move your 2D Illustrator drawings to 3D objects and make super realistic renderings. Your customer will forget all about your competitor and will less likely negotiate on your price.

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Paul Koch


Paul Koch is the founder of Signdev and has been employed in the graphic and sign industry since 1993. Working as a signmaker for 10+ years, he gained expertise in sign manufacturing, vinyl applications, car wrapping, and sign construction. Now, he is the product developer and designer at Signdev, focusing on designing sign and wayfinding systems. Paul is also partner at Modulex Group in Greece where he develops complete high-end wayfinding solutions and strategies for the hospitality, healthcare, and public sector.

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