How to Decorate Multiple Masks in One Application

When placing a transfer on a mask for heat press application, be sure to keep a minimum distance of 1/4 inch from the graphic to the seams of the mask. If you are too close to the seams, you will not achieve a solid bond due to inconsistent pressure.

The photos below show how an automatic machine with a 15″ X 20’” platen can press multiple masks at one time.

728 Masks

Step-by-step heat press application with a Teflon sheet:

Step 1: Place masks on the lower platen and place transfers in desired locations

Step 2: Cover with a Teflon sheet and then engage the heat press

Step 3: When fusing is complete with the transfer, peel hot or cold depending on transfer instructions

Note: Application settings and steps are the same for one mask or six masks.

Cris Saunders

Insta Graphic Systems

Cris Saunders is the director of sales for Insta Graphic Systems, a heat press machine and supply manufacturer.

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