How should I prepare for a high-volume sublimation project?

  • A wide-format printer is recommended as it saves you in production on both you ink cost and paper cost.
  • Depending on the ink job, you can work with multiple heat presses or you can invest in a larger heat press.
  • There are industrial-size flatbed heat presses to consider – some that are manual or air-operated. Some have the option to upgrade from a single station to a twin station. If you need to sublimate onto both sides of a product, consider a top/bottom heat press.
  • Another press to consider is a rotary press, which could be the right choice for high-volume production for textile sublimation.
  • Make sure you are staffed adequately for the project.
  • Use a fast computer.
  • Consider using multiple printers or a single printer that has a dual print head for faster print speed.
  • Optimize your production flow. There can be a lot of wasted time if your staff is moving items from one location to another across the building.

—Coastal Business Supplies


Darci Jeffrey-Andersen

Coastal Business Supplies

Darci Jeffrey-Andersen joined Coastal Business Supplies as sales account manager for the professional solutions division in 2015. A veteran in the screen print industry, she owned Crossroad Graphics Screen Printing Services for more than eight years before joining My Brand Promo. As sales account manager for Coastal Business Supplies, Jeffrey-Andersen manages wide-format digital printing accounts and creates printing and personalization solutions for manufacturers and customers. 

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Rich Foltz

Rich Foltz

Rich Foltz is the wide-format digital sales director at Coastal Business Supplies. He has been involved in the printing and graphic arts industry since 1989.

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