How Screen Printers Can Explore Work-From-Home Care Packages

It's a selling opportunity for corporate clients

Millions of employees are working from home. Thousands of businesses, both big and small, are wondering how to foster their company culture amid a crisis.

The truth is that employees who feel connected to their workplace will be more inclined to produce higher-quality work. When we care about something, we go above and beyond.

So how can your businesses promote staff cohesion when we’re all working from our own homes? How can they foster a sense of community when their only interactions take place over the computer or phone?

That’s where the idea of the work-from-home (WFH) kit comes into play. Screen printers already have the capacity and the technology to produce, sell, and ship these kits directly to businesses’ employees.

The point of the kit is to give employees a sense of community when it comes to their workplace and set a tone for their at-home workspace. Think branded apparel, functional products, and items that are relevant to what everyone’s going through now.

To get started, organize three different kit types that vary in price and unique branded products. Keep budgets in mind as you build these kits out. Some businesses may want to participate but not have much means to do so.

Maybe even go for a theme? Health & Wellness or Mobile Tech are great options, as people shift their focus to these areas now more than ever.

Items like branded hand sanitizer or face masks, and branded wireless chargers or headphones all work to send the same message: we know what you’re going through, and we’re trying to make it easier.

Here’s an example of a basic, premium, and supreme kit:

Basic: screen-printed T-shirt, hat, and an insulated tumbler

Premium: screen-printed T-shirt, hoodie, hat, and an insulated tumbler

Supreme: screen-printed T-shirt, hoodie, hat, insulated tumbler, and wireless Bluetooth speaker

So, how do you pitch these to customers? 

These kits provide value to your customers’ businesses in two ways.

  1. They foster company culture internally. Employees will receive the kits and not only enjoy the excitement that comes with a gift, but also feel their employer cares. It’s a hard time for everyone these days, but thoughtful gifts go a long way in evoking a sense of community. And, as we know, employees that feel connected to their workplace are more motivated to work hard, stay focused, and produce results.
  2. They showcase just how thoughtful and committed an employer, and its customers, are by providing apparel and products that can be worn/used by their employees publicly. Not in public, but on video conferences with clients, vendors, etc.

Employees will show a strong commitment to their entire business network as weathering the storm effectively and together.

‘Freemiums’ That Brighten a Deal

When you’re advertising (and directly pitching) WFH Kits, make sure you’re selling the value-added aspects like:

Free kitting service: after you produce the branded products, let your customers know your team will take care of the assembly.

Free fulfillment service: let your customers know you’ll do it all—creation, packaging, and shipping directly to their employees. The process couldn’t be more straightforward or hands-free.

Free online store: create a custom online store for each of your customers. These stores let their employees the chance to choose their sizes and provide single invoicing once you receive all orders.

Now, get to pitching!


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